Legacy Laser's Warranty

We are responsible for repair parts of complete machine for two years.

Warranty period for the 40 - 60w laser tubes is 3 months after you receive the machine.

Warranty for Reci Laser tubes 80 -150w is 6 months after you receive the machine..

(we are not responsible for blowing out of laser tube caused by high water temperature and frost cracking caused by low water temperature)

Warranty for Lens & Mirrors is three months

Chiller warranty is 1 year

All Other parts are included in the 2 year warranty

(Never Leave Machine Unattended Some Materials can catch fire)

Within the guaranteed period, our company will provide offsite technical service for problems that appear in normal working conditions for free.

It is very important to keep the serial number of the product given by the manufacturer when the product leaves factory. Only when information contained in it has been confirmed, can customers enjoy after-sale service provided by our company.

Legacy Laser's will not be held responsible for the improper use of machines. We will not be held responsible for personal injury caused by improper use of machines. This warranty does not cover parts that are damaged due to improper operation, neglected or improperly performed user maintenance. Please check your owner's manual for complete instructions for operation and required maintenance. Damage caused by fire, flood, accidents, vandalism or Acts of God are not covered. The warranty extends only to the original owner of the machine and is not transferable

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