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Before starting Legacy Laser's, we found ourselves in a position most people can relate too. We wanted a decent sized laser engraving and etching machine and did not want to pay $20,000 to get it. This led us to countless hours of research overseas. We checked China, but had to be very wary with all the bad feedback we'd read about engraving and etching machines made there. With literally hundreds of laser etching manufacturers located there, we finally decided on one. We had to make sure we could even import a laser engraving and cutting machine from China. Since the machine has a laser, the manufacturer would have to be registered with the FDA otherwise we would not be able to clear it through customs and it would either be shipped back to the manufacturer, if they paid for return shipping, or it would be destroyed.

Then we went for an on-site visit. Our intentions were not only to get trained in the use of the laser engraving and etching machine, but also to check the quality, performance, and pricing of the machine.

While on our visit, we found that we really liked the laser cutter machine. Any project we did came out looking great and we were blown away with all you could do with it. We were asked if we would like to become a distributor, but we declined the offer due to our inexperience; a year later we decided to do it. We went back for additional training this time focusing on the technical side of things and to troubleshooting the problems that could arise. Our vision was to sell a high quality laser engraving and etching machines at an affordable price and that is exactly what we have been doing since 2006.

So what happens when you place an order for a laser cutter or engraving and etching machine with us?

If we have the machine in stock you can come here and pickup or we can have it delivered by freight truck if machine is out of stock.

We put an order in with the manufacture who then builds and tests your laser engraving and etching machine. Once testing is complete, it is shipped by sea. Once it arrives in the country, our customs broker handles all of the customs & duty fees that are included in your price. After customs clearance, our broker will arrange to have the laser cutter shipped directly to your door.

Once the engraving machine arrives on-site, you have the option of having our team come and setup the machine and provide training on its use. On-site setup and training is an additional fee of $1,500 USD. An instructional DVD, covering the step-by-step setup process, is shipped with the laser cutter machine, allowing you the option of setting up the system yourself. We are always available via phone or email if you have any problems or questions; we will help in any way that we can.

What happens if the laser engraving and etching machine is not working or stops working? Call us and we will troubleshoot the problem. If a part is needed, we will ship it out to you, along with the instructions on how to install the new part. For an additional fee, we are also available to travel to your location and fix the problem on-site.

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