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Laser engraver and cutter systems require graphics and driver software in order to create the project design and then to transport the design from the computer to the engraver for production. Our engraver and cutter systems currently support three different graphics applications: LaserCut, CorelDraw, and AutoCAD.

LaserCut is our own user-friendly laser engraver and cutter software that makes it easy to send graphics and text to the laser engraver or cutter. LaserCut is perfectly suited to be your primary graphics program; however, our engraver and cutter systems also have the flexibility to accept input from AutoCAD versions 2000-2006 and CorelDraw 11-X4 through the installation of drivers specific to each of those applications. These drivers allow you to send a project directly to the laser engraver or cutter from CorelDraw or AutoCAD

A brief overview of the LaserCut interface is seen below.

If the user lets the mouse stay on an icon for a moment, an explanation of that function will be displayed:

One of the more common graphics applications used for a laser engraver and cutter system is CorelDraw. Once you install the CorelDraw driver, you will see a new toolbar added to your CorelDraw interface:

The new Laser toolbar allows the user to send files directly to the engraver or cutter system.

After drawing or importing your graphic, click the Laser Output tab:

Now you will see each color used in your file. By clicking the arrow next to each color you can select cut or engrave for the selected color. Double clicking in the area that has Speed and Power will bring up a pop up that will allow you to adjust the settings see the photo below:

After setting all your speed & power settings for your colors being used Click the stand alone tab

Now Click Download Current. This will send and store the file to the memory of the laser engraver or cutter machine.

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