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CNC precision LASER cutting is a very cost-effective method for manufacturing small to medium part orders made from flat sheet metal. CNC technology, which stands for 'computer numerical control', uses a LASER programmed by a computer to cut materials. FVSC customers benefit from the CNC LASER cutting process through high precision part production, reduced cost and faster job delivery. In today's marketplace technology continues to drive improvement and innovation in modern metal working and CNC laser sheet metal cutting capabilities are a much needed service. CNC laser sheet metal cutting has revolutionized the way that sheet metal prototypes are made. This technology has brought about a seamless method of fabricating flat blanks and CAD databases can be converted to CNC sheet metal laser cutting programs without any human interpretation.
Laser cutting is one of the most efficient ways of cutting various kinds of metals with a high level of accuracy, and precision cut burr free parts. This will enable increased production times with a greater precision and accuracy, with minimal need for operator intervention. The end result is that our company will continuously produce quality parts, at competitive pricing by maximizing productivity, without compromising quality.
LaserCut is our own user-friendly laser engraver and cutter software that makes it easy to send graphics and text to the laser engraver or cutter.Legacy Lasers produces finished parts and components with smoother surface finishes and practically burr-free holes and edges, while generating less material waste than conventional stamping processes.
Legacy Lasers consistently delivers cost-competitive high quality LASER cut parts. Our skilled CNC precision laser cutting metal fabricants process custom sheet metal jobs quickly and accurately. Our CNC LASER systems have the latest high speed axial flow resonators for precision quality cutting of ferrous and non-ferrous metals such as steel and aluminum.
There are several benefits of the CNC Laser Cutting are Short lead times, No tooling costs, Rapid Preparation of CNC Programme and Design, Narrow kerf widths, Minimal material distortion, Low cost repetition, Low set up costs and quick set-up, High quality cut does not need finishing, Wide range of materials can be profiled, Can produce simple or complex parts, No abrasive contact leaves no marks, Quick set up - small batches, Can cut almost any material.

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